About DLCTco®

Official Establishment: 2019


DLCTco is a local and trusted lifestyle brand based out of New Jersey. The brand was founded with a purpose to remind and inspire others to strive, with a positive mental attitude no matter what. 

DLCT releases a few collections of goods inspired by different cultural of, creativity and style in our daily basis. We as a brand assure to deliver authentic and simple pieces for your every day wardrobes. 

The acronym DLCT stands for "Define Life with Creative Thoughts". 
Collectively, our goal is to unite people to help us change the world for the better, particularly for the youth. That everyone can have a better future and freedom if they put their mind into it.
Together, we can make a difference!
So we want to ask, "How do you define life?"
Let us know by tagging our Instagram @dlctco and, or, hashtag #dlctco !
We look forward to hear and see your creativity!